design for print

evolution of life through product design

“Create your own visual style…
Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”

— Orson Welles

Printed materials still have a home in the modern multi-media world!

+ People still like to collect a printed catalogue
+ Swing-tags, packaging and POS materials
+ Adverts for magazines
+ Printed Instructions

  • Bushbaby Workbooks

    designed to communicate to stockists

    The bushbaby workbooks are developed each year to communicate the developments in products to the existing bushbaby stockists, whilst explaining the core reasons why to look to bushbaby as new brand to include in their store.

  • Bushbaby Adverts

    2011 series of adverts

    Advertisement for the 2011 products, including the back carriers, clothing and minipacks. The new brand identity was developed to allow for the ever changing requirements from magazines, making it easy to change dimensions to meet their requirements.

  • Bushbaby Swing Tags

    Supporting the products with additional POS communication

    Designed to communicate to the consumer in-store, giving additional information on the benefits and features of product / apparel. The development of swing-tags is managed in parallel with our product design allowing us to become a single supplier from product concept to store, simplifying and often speeding up the process.

  • Nestegg Travel Cot

    Development of Instructions & Packaging

    As part of the product development of the bushbaby nestegg (pop-up travel cot), we needed to communicate how the product would work, especially packing the nestegg away after use. Visual instructions were developed to the owner to fold the nestegg away. All materials were subject to the BS standard requirements as they are part of the approval process.

  • Training Cards

    supporting the products in-store

    Working with the bushbaby stockists we developed a series of training cards to help communicate the product changes and benefits to the in-store staff. Once trained the additional knowledge was shown to improve the sales due to customers feeling they were buying the correct product for their requirements.