product design

evolution of life through product design

“A design isn’t finished until somebody is using it.”

— Brenda Laurel

Product design is at the core of elife-design. We have worked in the development of designs from concept to production, including the development of samples and production management in Hong Kong and China.

Below you will find a selection of designs which we have developed.

  • Bushbaby Pinnacle

    design to manufacturing, including british standard approval

    The Pinnacle child carrier we designed to include a suspension system (Patent Pending), to remove any excess stress from the spine when using the carrier on extended trips. Designed to fit the industries largest variance of human sizes by the development of the Bigeye max adjustable back-system that is non-slip for extra peace of mind while carrying.

  • Sea Kayak Deckbag

    design and sample production

    The sea kayaking deckbag was developed to resolve the issues that we had found when using existing brands whilst out playing in sea kayaks. Taken through to full production sample and now out on test each time we hit the water.

  • Bushbaby Minipack

    design to manufacturing, including british standard approval

    The minipacks are great fun for little ones, and give parents total ‘peace of mind’ when walking in busy areas. The backpack has a removable lead rein for the parent to hold, which can be unclipped in a second, leaving the little one to explore safely by themselves and then clipped back on for walking. An easy access grab handle is useful for emergencies and a reflector for night-time safety.

  • Kayaking Throwline

    design and sample production

    Through our role as a product tester for Canoe & Kayak UK magazine, we discovered what people were looking for in a modern throwline. We designed a new throwline to meet the needs of the modern canoeist / kayaker whilst using our knowledge of offshore production processes.

  • Nikko Sports

    product development

    Working directly with Nikko Sports one of China’s leading Outdoor brands, we worked as a design consultancy helping develop the knowledge to create a series of backpacks. Including a series back-systems to cover the users requirements from simple packs to multi-day trekking packs. The project was completed by a mixture of remote working and time spent in Hong Kong at the factory.